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Wenlock Lodge was founded on the 11th September 1945 by W Bro Bagni and fifteen other men.  Ten of these founders were from the Lodge of St Mary.  At that time, the Lodge of St Mary had 93 members and it would have taken over fifteen years to reach the office of Worshipful Master (president of the Lodge). The Founders wishing to keep a link to the Lodge of St. Mary named the new lodge after one of the chapels in The Parish Church of St Mary.



The Wenlock Chapel had been erected in 1461 by Sir John Wenlock in memory of his wife Elizabeth.  Sir John Wenlock was the son of William Wynell de Wenlock and His wife Margaret Breton.  William Wynell de Wenlock is buried in the Wenlock Chapel in St. Marys Church Luton. 


Sir John Wenlock was a great political figure in his day and was the member of Parliament for Bedfordshire being made Speaker of the House in1455, on his fifth term in Parliament.  His diplomatic career included involvement in various embassies abroad.  He was also High Sherriff for Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire.                                  

Sir John Wenlock was also a great soldier and distinguished himself in many battles commanding forces for both sides in the Wars of the Roses, earning him the title of ‘Prince of Turncoats’!  He was killed at the battle of Tewkesbury in 1471 whilst leading the middle flank of the Lancastrian army, according to legend, by the Duke of Somerset his own commander, following a confusion during the battle in which the Lancastrian army suffered a crushing defeat.  Sir John Wenlock is supposedly buried at Tewkesbury Abbey.


Wenlock window.png
A detail of the stained-glass window depicting 
Sir John Wenlock.

Our meetings were held in the original Masonic Hall which was in Park Street in Luton.  This building still exists although it is now a Pizza Express. Our meetings are now held at The Pavilion, Bowling Green Lane Luton which is one of six masonic centres in the Province of Bedfordshire.