Our Masonic meetings are held at The Pavilion, Bowling Green Lane Luton on the 2nd Wednesday in February, March, April, October, November and December, at 17:00.

We meet six times each year for our official Lodge meetings followed by a meal which is called the “The Festive Board”. This  is an opportunity to enjoy the social side of Freemasonry and meet new friends.

In preparation for Lodge meetings, we meet informally to rehearse the theatrical pieces of ceremony needed to admit and advance new members. The members, known as brethren, take it in turns to learn and perform different parts of the evening’s work, ranging from just a few lines, up to several pages.

As mentioned earlier, the social side to Freemasonry is most enjoyable. Both the Lodge and the Luton Masonic Centre regularly organise social events ranging from formal black-tie dinner dances to summer BBQs, Quiz Nights to Carol Singing and Christmas Parties – we have even produced a pantomime! Whilst our formal Lodge meetings are for members only, all our families and friends are welcome to attend these social events.

If you would like to know more or are thinking about becoming a Freemason and joining Wenlock Lodge, please contact our Secretary by completing the on-line form. We will then liaise with you about meeting up for an informal chat.


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