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Sun, 22nd May 2022

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Afternoon Tea

The Brethren of Wenlock Lodge, their families and friends were out in force again for their afternoon tea event. Held at the Pavilion Masonic Centre in Luton, the in-house caterers laid on a super tea including freshly cut sandwiches and home-made sausage rolls, mini quiche tartlets, scones with clotted cream and jam together with a variety of cup-cakes, rocky road cakes and chocolate brownies.  This was all accompanied by as much tea or coffee you required.  The bar was also open for those wanting other beverages!

The afternoon enjoyed by all, with the usual excitement of the raffle and the pleasant sunny weather allowed for croquet and quoits to be played on the green outside. The croquet competition being won by Gordon Atwell, guest of Bro. Colin Ellingham, who was presented with the wining trophy hastily made by Jennie and Steve Churchill!

The Afternoon Tea proved to be a great success, with old friends able to meet up and catch up and to reminisce past times and friends.  It hopefully will become an annual addition to the Wenlock list of social events.

Many thanks to the Festival Committee for the time given to organising the event.


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Wed, 9th February 2022

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Fifty Years A Freemason!

At the February 2022 lodge meeting the Provincial Grand Master Right Worshipful Brother Anthony P Henderson made an unscheduled visit, to present a Certificate and lapel badge to our lodge Almoner Worshipful Brother Alan Nelson marking his fifty years in Freemasonry.

The Provincial Grand Master was escorted into the lodge by W. Bro. Brian Cox, the presentation was quickly completed with much warmth sincerity and much laughter, such being the nature of our Bro. Almoner, who was effusive in his thanks to Right Worshipful Brother Anthony Henderson for taking the time to pop into our  meeting on his way to another engagement.  Alan also thanked the Wenlock Lodge brethren for welcoming him into the lodge as a joining member and the many years of support and encouragement during his time in Bedfordshire.

It was particularly gratifying for Alan as Simon his son, who had recently been initiated into Wenlock Lodge, was there to witness this memorable occasion.

The Brethren of Wenlock Lodge congratulate Alan on his achieving fifty years and thank him for his tireless work as Almoner.


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Wed, 8th December 2021

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Father Welcomes his son into Free Masonry and Wenlock Lodge.

Worshipful Brother Alan Nelson had a very emotional evening when he was able to assist in his son Simon’s initiation into Wenlock Lodge at the December meeting. Known as a ‘Lewis’ when a Son joins his Father’s Lodge, W Bro. Alan Nelson was able to take part in the ceremony taking over the Master’s Chair from W Bro. Stephen Churchill and welcoming his son into the Lodge Room and then conducting the Initiation Ceremony assisted by W Bro. Stephen Churchill. 

The Entered Apprentice tools were sincerely presented by W Bro. Brian Cox and having been presented with the book of Constitutions and Lodge Bye Laws, Brother Nelson was congratulated firstly by his Father and then by W. Bro. Stephen Churchill.

 Upon his return to the Lodge the newly initiated Brother Nelson was then presented with the Charge After the Initiation in exemplary manner by W Bro. Stephen Churchill and then a short lecture on the preparation of the Candidate Before Initiation, delivered by W Bro. Jeff Cox.

The celebrations continued at Festive Board and a superb rendition of the initiates song was delivered by W Bro. Jeff Cox with rousing choruses sung by the brethren!

A most satisfying evening was had by all, providing an extremely warm Wenlock welcome for our new Brother Simon Nelson.


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Fri, 12th November 2021

Fifty years In Freemasonry Awards

At the November meeting the Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Anthony P Henderson presented two members of Wenlock Lodge, their certificates for fifty years in Freemasonry.

Worshipful Brother Bob Uff and Right Worshipful Brother Mike Sawyer, had their interviews before joining Wenlock Lodge, on the same September evening in 1970, their initiations being two months apart in October and December respectively.

They have now been able to share this unique occasion fifty years later!  Together with the Certificate, they each received a lapel badge to commemorate their long masonic service.

The Provincial Grand Master was extremely happy to perform the presentations particularly as he explained that it is rare to present these certificates to one Mason but to have two on the same night in the same lodge is unique, and to present a certificate to the Past Provincial Grand Master of Bedfordshire, Right Worshipful Brother Mike Sawyer, was very special.

Bob and Mike each received an engraved glass from the Wenlock Brethren.

The Brethren of Wenlock Lodge congratulate Bob and Mike for their amazing achievements in masonry and sincere thanks for their commitment to Freemasonry in general and to Wenlock Lodge in particular.

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Sat, 2nd October 2021

Wenlock Lodge Quiz Night 2021

Sat. 11th September 2021

Wenlock Lodge Quiz Night.

Once again Wenlock Lodge members gathered at The Pavilion, Bowling Green Lane, Luton, to hold the annual quiz night hosted by our Worshipful Master Peter Wale.

W. Bro Janet Stanley (A lady Mason) ably assisted by her husband W. Bro Graham Stanley compiled a challenging 10 rounds of questions which had everyone scratching their heads for the answers. At the end of the competition Graham totted up the scores and later Janet announced the winners.

While this was going on the new Pavilion caterers served the members and guests with a hot supper of chicken or fish and chips. Raffle tickets were sold and £100 was raised for the Worshipful Masters charities.

The event was not only attended by Wenlock Members but also their family and friends and members of other lodges too. We would like to thank them all for their support.

 The Wenlock Lodge Quiz Night Champions are 

Team .............“We Were The Champions”

We Were The Champions.jpeg

With a score of 143 points out of 200 W Bro Peter Wale, W Bro. Terry Lock  and their family are the Quiz Night Champions!

 W. Bro Peter presented the winners with bottles of bubbles.  A massive thank you to our quiz masters Janet and Graham for all their hard work.



Sat, 2nd October 2021

Wenlock Lodge Summer LOI BBQ

Sat. August 28th 2021

Wenlock Lodge Summer LOI BBQ

Members of Wenlock Lodge once again held their end of summer LOI BBQ in the garden of WB Stephen Churchill and his wife Jennie.  Whilst Steve cooked the BBQ perfectly as he always does, the wives and partners of the Wenlock members provided the salads and desserts.


It was a very special evening, as we have not been able to hold the midweek LOI sessions, which are usually hosted by Jennie and Steve, but the pandemic restrictions had curtailed these monthly sessions this year.  It was a fantastic effort by all who attended and made the evening so enjoyable.


The Wenlock members would like to extend their warmest thanks to all the ladies who provided the fantastic variety of salads and puddings, and especially to Jennie and Steve for once again for being perfect hosts and allowing us into their home for the evening.

Lodge Meeting 2021-07-28 .jpeg

Sun, 1st August 2021

Wenlock Lodge Extra Meeting.

The members of Wenlock lodge 6093 bounced back into action on Wednesday with an extra meeting.  Many of the younger members were keen to get back into the swing of things as they had been away from the temple and had not met with their fellow brethren for so long.  The Worshipful Master, W. Bro. Peter Wale was keen to grant the members their wish and asked the Secretary to arrange the necessary dispensation from Province for the extra meeting. 

 Lodge Meeting 2021-07-28 .jpeg

A post meeting lecture was presented by The Provincial Grand Charity Steward, W. Bro. Martin Wilson, who gave a lecture on the work of the Masonic Charitable Foundation entitled ‘MCF Building Better Lives’.    As this meeting was a white table event the wives and partners were invited into the temple to enjoy the presentation, which was very well delivered and enthusiastically received by all.  Luton Masonic Hall Company were extremely well organised with the Covid Precautions, everyone felt comfortable and safe. The new caterers at the Pavilion in Luton were well received and served up a delicious meal of Fan of Melon to start, an excellent Roast Turkey with all the trimmings for main course and a rather indulgent Eaton Mess dessert.   Their first time serving the Wenlock Lodge proved to be a great success.  We all look forward to many more Festive Boards. 

 White Table 2021-07-28 at 20.48.42 (1).jpeg

The brethren also had a collection with all the monies being donated to the 2026 festival. A most enjoyable time was had by all, and the Worshipful Master thanked the brethren for attending the meeting with special thanks to W. Bro. Martin Wilson for his lecture. The attending members were delighted to meet and are now busy planning some social lodge functions for the summer to once again enjoy each other’s company. A date has been set for the LOI barbecue and the youngsters are also arranging a curry night. This was the first meeting since October last year, and a great time was had by all.




Sun, 19th July 2020

Diamond Wedding Annniversary

When W Bro Jeff Cox and his wife Anne married in 1960, little would they have imagined they'd be celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary in the middle of a global pandemic. Even though Coronavirus prevented a full celebration, family and friends ensured the day was as memorable as possible with flowers, gifts and cards.  The icing on the cake was a card from Her Majesty the Queen.  We all send our heartiest congratulations to them both.

Jeff & Ann Card from HM.JPG Queen
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Thu, 28th May 2020

Masonic University Challenge

Wenlock Lodge recently entered a team into the Bedfordshire Province ‘University Challenge’ competition and the four unsuspecting team members of the Wenlock Wreckers were; Adrian Stammers, Brian Cox, Stephen Churchill with the Worshipful Master Peter Wale acting as captain. 

Drawn against Wrest Park-De-Grey-Matter in our round one match we won the contest after some incredible work by Stephen Churchill whose masonic knowledge even surprised the question master!

Unfortunately, round two was not so good when drawn against Farley Flyers who were true to their name and were very quick with the answers to the starter questions, they proved too strong for us and were worthy winners of the round and ended the ‘Wreckers’ involvement in the competition.

It was a small comfort then, that the Masonic University Challenge Champions are Veritas Lodge the Wenlock daughter lodge.  We offer our hearty congratulations to their team.

wenlock wreckers.png Score.png

Wed, 20th May 2020

The Wenlock Arms

During lockdown the members of Wenlock Lodge 6093 get together on a Wednesday evening for a weekly drink and a social, gathering at the “Wenlock Arms “a virtual Public House. This evening, 20th May we had 13 members log on to have a chat and share a drink with each other. On this occasion we were very pleased to be joined by our Grand Lodge Liaison Officer W Bro Richard Ward. 

These gatherings are always very well supported and enjoyed by all with a catch up of everybody's weekly news as well as plenty of “banter “and jolly micky taking. 

The humour this evening was rife and we had fun with who was bright enough to be in our Provincial University challenge team, the “Wenlock Wreckers”! So much banter was being enjoyed that the gauntlet was thrown down by one of the University challenge team members. W Bro Stephen Churchill suggested we hold our own fortnightly quiz! This would sort out the men from the boys!  Wenlock University challenge? I hear you cry!   No .......more like a pub quiz ......after all ...we are meeting at the Wenlock Arms! 

We are running this quiz over 4 sessions during the next 8 weeks and the winner will be presented with a bottle of fine very expensive wine. This bottle is kindly being donated by W Bro Colin Bridge .......Stephen kindly told us so!!!  Thanks Col! (Ha Ha)

wenlock arms.jpg
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Tue, 7th April 2020

What has been happening at Wenlock Lodge during Covid-19.

Unfortunately, all Masonic meetings were cancelled by the UGLE which meant that the Wenlock Lodge meeting in April had to be cancelled.  This would have been the last meeting before the summer break.  However, the Wenlock Brethren have set up a ‘WhatsApp’ group and have been able to keep in touch with each other using this social media and the banter has been really good fun, and we have also been able to drink to absent friends each of us posting a ‘selfie’ raising a glass at 9.00pm on the relevant occasions.  From the WhatsApp group we progressed to a drink with each other at the Wenlock Arms at a weekly meeting courtesy of Zoom.  This has proved a great success with the Brethren discussing the issues of the day as well as having the usual micky taking and fun.  It is not the same as meeting at the Pavilion but has, nevertheless kept us in contact with each other.

PS: The wives and partners of members now have their own WhatsApp group THE WOWS (Wives of Wenlock) This is helping to keep spirits up in these troubled times.  If it’s good for the Lads it’s good for the Lassies too! 



Wed, 1st April 2020

W Bro Roy Pitcher RIP

W Bro Roy Pitcher sadly died of the Corona virus on 1 April 2000 aged 86.  He was a Past Master of Wenlock Lodge No 6093 having  been the Worshipful Master in 1979 and had reached the rank of PPrSGW (Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden) in 2012.  He was also a Royal Arch mason being a member of St Mary Chapter No 3654 and was their MEZ in 1986 and have reached the rank of PAGDC (Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies), he was also a member First Principals Royal Arch Chapter, Lea Rose Croix Chapter & Dunstable Rose Croix Chapter.

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Sun, 15th March 2020

Wenlock Ladies Festival Bournemouth 13-15 March 2020

The Wenlock Ladies Festival is the opportunity for the brethren of Wenlock Lodge to say a massive thankyou to our wonderful wives and partners who support us so much during the masonic year. This year our Ladies Festival was held at the Carlton Hotel in Bournemouth.

The weekend started with a pleasant drive down to the South coast and meeting up with the Brethren, family and friends in the Carlton Hotel Bar.  The Carlton Hotel is in a perfect location on the East Cliffe with wonderful views overlooking the sea.  A very boozy afternoon was spent catching up with old and meeting new friends.   There was an evening meal in the hotel restaurant followed by more catching up in the bar until the early hours of Saturday morning!

Saturday morning gave time for taking in the sites and retail areas of Bournemouth and for some, that meant shopping for the dinner jackets or suits left at home in the rush to get out!  A few of the brethren had lunch in town with family and friends, whilst others stayed at the hotel.  A siesta in the afternoon, was had by some before the main event of the weekend the gala ball. The hotel photographer was on hand  for the pre-dinner photo shoot in all our finery and then the presentation of all the guests to the President and his lady, before they were warmly received into the function suite. Grace was then given by the Chaplain and a truly scrumptious meal was served by the hotel staff.  The five-course meal was followed by toasts and speeches that were well received by everyone.  The Toast to the Ladies was followed by the ‘Wenlock Warblers’ singing the chorus in a splendid rendition to our traditional Ladies Song.  The evening then really got underway with the President and his wife leading the dancing to the tune of the ‘Mull of Kintyre’, reflecting the Scottish theme of the evening.  The room looked very elegant, with the tartan bows on the chairs and complimentary stationary and the heather table decorations. 

The celebrations continued long into the night and some very jaded people made it down to breakfast on Sunday morning!  Looking forward to 2021!

Quiz winners.png

Sat, 28th September 2019


Our Worshipful Master Bro Brian Cox and his wife Lisa hosted a very successful quiz night, which was held at The Pavilion, Bowling Green Lane, Luton. 

W. Bro Graham Stanley and his wife W. Bro Janet ( A lady Mason ) put together a VERY challenging 10 rounds of questions which got everyone scratching their heads for the answers. At the end of the competition Graham and Janet totted up the scores and later announced the winners.

 While this was going on the Festival Committee served the members and guests with a hot supper of chicken or Fish and Chips. Raffle Tickets were sold by our Worshipful Master Brian and we raised £ 245 for his charities.

 The event was not only attended by Wenlock Members but also their family and friends and members of other lodges too. We would like to thank them all for their support.

 The Wenlock Lodge Quiz Night Champions are 

Team .............“KEW DO U THINK U ARE”

 With a score of 191 points out of 240 W Bro Peter Wale, his wife Jane and their family are the Quiz Night Champions!

 W. Bro Brian presented the winners with bottles of bubbles.  A massive thank you to our quiz masters Janet and Graham for all their hard work!


Sat, 31st August 2019


Over the past few years W Bro Stephen Churchill has held informal summer LOI’s at his home so that new members could talk about and ask questions re ritual signs and movements etc. 

What has made these gatherings extra special is that the Ladies of our new members are also invited, so the girls have a get together too. As with the new members of our Lodge is it nice for our Ladies to meet up in a social atmosphere and can also ask questions.

 At the end of each meeting W Bro Stephen and his wife Jennie always provide cheese and crackers so we can all chat together a little longer. 

The final event for the summer LOI’s is a BBQ where we all have a relaxing evening, having great food and wine as you can see in the photo.

On behalf of the Brethren, we would like to say thank you to the Ladies of Wenlock Lodge who provide salads and puds, to the members that help with the set up and clear up but we would like to say a Big Thank You to Steve and Jennie for allowing us into your home and putting on the BBQ.

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Sun, 14th July 2019

Garden Party

Our annual garden party was hosted by one of our members in his garden.  It has been an exceptional year for good weather and we spent the day in glorious, hot sunshine.  Our two chefs Bill and Steve were in charge of the BBQ which unfortunately was not the best place to be standing on such a hot day but we do appreciate their endeavours! To accompany the delicious BBQ meat we had an array of salads followed by some mouth-watering home-made desserts.  Thank you, Rita for organising the food and thank you to everyone for supplying salads and puds! 

wine and canapes.jpg

Sat, 4th May 2019

Wine and Canapes

This was a non-fundraising get together for members and their partners, very kindly hosted by one of our members and his wife at their home.  Many thanks to Janina and Rita for a sumptuous selection of canapes.  The wine flowed as did the laughter and the volume of chatter indicated a fabulous time was had by all with new members making new friends.

ladies festival 2019.PNG

Sat, 30th March 2019

Ladies Festival 2019

This year our Worshipful Master Brian Cox and his Lady Lisa, decided to have their Ladies Evening staying closer to Luton where our Lodge meets.  The Aubrey Park Hotel, Redbourn was the choice of venue to hold their Gala Dinner and Dance.

Members and guests arrived early to check in and check out the bar, before retiring to change into their evening wear. This is a  Black-Tie event which started at 6.15.  Pre-dinner drinks were in “The Oak Suite” before moving to the main dining room for a 7pm sit down.  The room looked amazing with beautiful flower arrangements, white linen, turquoise chair bows and excellent mood room lighting.

These events do not run themselves, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening was in the very capable hands of W. Bro Stephen Churchill who announced the arrival of the Brethren, there Ladies and guests to the President and his lady Lisa. 

After a delicious meal, the table stewards handed out gifts from the President and members of the Wenlock Lodge to all the Ladies in appreciation of the help and support they give to the Brethren throughout the year.  This year it was a “Growing Plant Gift Set” petunia, lobelia or sweet peas within a decorative milk churn.  The speeches and toasts followed and of course the Ladies Song was heartily sung by the members of Wenlock Lodge.

Now our President does like a few moves on the dance floor, yes there was some great old school music from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s, top of his play list given to the “Davric” Roadshow was Black Lace “Agadoo” and Whigfield’s “Saturday Night!”  

These evenings take a lot of planning so huge thanks go to the Festival Committee and their partners who were presented with a bouquet of flowers each.

Carriages were at Midnight, although for those that had booked to stay over, the party continued on in the bar.................   

Grand Rank

Wed, 25th April 2018

Wenlock Member receives Grand Rank!

On Wednesday 14th March, some 35 Brethren from Bedfordshire travelled down to Freemasons Hall, to attend the March Quarterly Communications. They were there to support the five Bedfordshire Brethren, who were being appointed or promoted to Grand Rank. We are pleased to congratulate WBro John Carter on being appointed as Past Grand Standard Bearer.